Voice, SMS, and MMS services with toll-free and local numbers

Create text message keywords, polls, surveys, and more. Choose your custom number, call and text large groups at once, setup a separate phone number for your business, or just a separate number for personal use.

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Choose a custom or vanity number for your business
Choose Your Number

Our inventory has numbers in nearly every US city as well as multiple toll-free prefixes. Search by phrase, area code, and more.

Get a texting number for your business or as a personal burner number
SMS & MMS Messaging

Unlimited text message keywords with auto responses, send targeted messages to specific keyword subscrbiers all at once, or interact with a single subscriber.

Send and receive calls to a second number on your cell phone
Calling, Recording, Transcription, and Voicemail

Inbound and outbound calling with "Call Blast" feature which allows you to call multiple numbers at once with a recorded message/alert. Use call recording to keep a close eye on quality while protecting both your audience and your employees.

No contract text messaging and business phone services
No Contract, No Hardware

Pay as you go elimnates the waste associated with bundled subscriptions and the worry of locking into a contract. Our transparent billing allows you to be in control of your service. No special hardware or app to needed - use your existing phone.

Surveys, Polls, Voicemail Inboxes

Create customer satisfaction surveys, fun text message polls, or voice mailboxes for afterhours. Abosuletly no technical knowledge needed.

Access details reporting for all texts, calls, and charges to your account

Know how many calls and messages you're receiving, details about your users, listen to recordings, see the numbers/keywords being used, and more!

Detailed billing makes everything transparent

Each call, message, and event is billed individually so you can see exactly where your expenses are.

  • Deposit funds into your account

    Deposit funds into your account to cover the cost of the calls and messages you handle. Prevent out-of-control spending by throttling the amount you deposit.

  • Configure what options you want

    No need for call recording? Turn it off to save even more. Transcription, SMS & MMS messaging, multi-ring - all features are controlled by you so you control the costs of your service.

  • Adjust On-the-fly

    All configurations are adjustable on-the-fly so it's simple to make changes as you adapt to your users' needs.

Billing example

Choose Your Custom Number

Select from thousands of numbers in our inventory that cover much of the US. Find the perfect vanity number with our advanced number search.

Local Numbers

Thousands of number across hundreds of area codes to choose from. All of Dial Butler Local numbers support SMS, MMS, and Voice so you keep one number for all interactions.

Search Local Numbers
Toll-Free Numbers

We have numbers in multiple toll-free dialing prefixes: 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, and 833. Choose the number that is best for you based on prefix, phrase, and functionality.

Search Toll-Free Numbers

Simple Pricing, Instant Setup

No contacts, no commitments. Dial Butler uses consumption-based pricing meaning that you only pay for what you use. This gives you access to all features without dealing with subscription tiers or paying for features you don't need.

Per Message/Minute Send/Outbound Receive/Inbound
Toll-Free Voice $0.026 $0.044
Local Voice $0.026 $0.017
SMS/Text $0.015 $0.015
MMS/Picture $0.040 $0.020
Call Recording $0.005/minute
Voicemail Transcription $0.100/minute
Phone Number $2/month

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Pick a number and complete setup in under 5 minutes.

  • Know who's calling & keep your personal number hidden

    Choose how incoming and outgoing caller ID number settings are configured

  • Set calling hours, custom messaging, call recording, and more

    Set when calls ring to your phone and when they go to voicemail. You control the messages callers hear in all situations.

  • Text message polls, surveys, and auto replies

    Create "vote by text" polls, create auto-reply texting keywords, and manage lists for mass communication.