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Launch Announcement: Free Trial and Phone Number

I’m very happy to announce the launch of Dial Butler Free Trials! With free trials, you can claim a phone number and use all Dial Butler features for free — you don’t even need to provide a credit card number! Free Trial enables you to claim a phone number of your choosing (including toll-free numbers), send/receive ~50 SMS text messages, and place ~20 minutes of phone calls.

This is a great addition to Dial Butler, extending our pay-as-you-go model to include try-before-you-buy.

Click here to choose your phone number and start your Dial Butler Free Trial!

Owner, Dial Butler

Launch Announcement: Inbound Phone Survey Service

Today we have launched a new Phone Survey service which can be used to capture both DTMF (0-9 keypress) and free-form (recording) feedback from your customers. Call ‪858-264-3425‬ for a demonstration of this new service!

Immediate Follow-Up – Using our DTMF survey feature, you can immediately follow-up with customers who have had poor experiences. This is a great way to recover the customer and regain the trust lost through the initial experience.

Real-Time Results – See and act on survey results as soon as the customer finishes their call. Results are both aggregated to tell the overall story and available at the individual level to take action on driving change.

Multiple Types of Feedback – Our survey feature supports both DTMF (0-9 keypress) AND free-form recordings to gather quantitative and qualitative feedback. The free-form recording option allows you to gain additional insights to help inform and drive change to your DTMF-based questions.

A Wide Variety of Uses – Using our inbound survey service, perform market research, survey post-purchase satisfaction, measure customer service quality, gather post-sales follow-up data, and more!

Click here to claim your Dial Butler phone number and give it a try today!

Feature Launch: Announcing Incoming Caller ID Customization

Dial Butler users can now adjust the caller ID information displayed when an inbound call is placed to their Dial Butler number. Users can choose between displaying the caller’s information OR their Dial Butler number. This feature is especially useful for Dial Butler users who utilize a single device (cell phone, for example) for both personal and business calls. Users can set their Dial Butler number to display (instead of the caller’s information) to easily determine if the incoming call is related to business or personal based on the caller ID information.

When configuring your Dial Butler number, select between “Show the caller’s number” and “Show my Dial Butler number” for your Incoming Caller ID setting:

Feature Launch: MMS Image Feed for Digital Displays

Whether you’re a small business owner, event promoter, or community organizer, your customers are actively snapping pictures of their meals, taking photos to remember their experiences, and sharing these images with their friends. I’m excited to announce the launch of MMS Image Feeds today. This feature allows you to interact with your customers/audience while also promoting your product or event! When your customer send images via text message to your Dial Butler phone number, they’ll automatically be displayed on your MMS Image feed. This customizable image feed can be displayed on computer monitors, televisions, and other digital displays throughout your venue. Simply point your display to the custom Dial Butler address provided in your account and you’re good to go! No additional configuration or setup is needed. The displays with automatically update with fresh photos.

Here’s a feed recording showing how a restaurant owner is using Dial Butler’s MMS Image Feed feature to showcase customer photos on displays in the waiting and bar areas.


Feature Launch: Text Message Polls, SMS Polling

Today, Dial Butler launched SMS Polling. SMS Polling, or text message polling, enables customers to create polls, configure response options, and display results without any technical skills! SMS polls are an easy way to interact with your audience through a channel immediately accessible and familiar to them. Radio stations and news outlets can leverage SMS polling to build audience engagement. Business owners and organizational leaders can use SMS polling to gather real-time feedback or create live, interactive events.

Watch as we create an SMS poll and share results in less than 2 minutes!

Creating a Text Message Poll with

Once you’ve created your poll, share the results with your audience directly or display them using your customizable, shareable link. Choose from one of the many different themes available (with custom themes coming in the near future). Here’s a sampling of some of the result themes currently available:

Create your SMS poll today using Dial Butler!

Feature Launch: Set an auto reply for all incoming text messages

As a request of customer requests and feedback, today we launched the ability to set a default auto-reply message for all incoming text messages. If an incoming text message doesn’t have a keyword associated with it, you can set a default auto-reply text message. This feature is a great way to provide confirmation of message recipient to the sender. You can also use default auto-reply to set expectations on what happens next for your use case (such as “Look for your photo on our 4pm news broadcast!” or “Thanks for sharing your feedback with us”).

To use this feature, simply navigate to the Manage Account section of Dial Butler, select “Inbound Contact Flows” and then “Text – Inbound” from the left menu, and enable the Default Auto-Reply message. As with standard keyword replies, you can also include an image in your default auto-reply text message.

If you have a feature you’d like to see, let us know by engaging with us on social media or commenting on this blog post!
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Stop spam phone calls by using a second phone number

Despite attempts at regulation through hefty fines and Do Not Call registries, robocalls and telemarketers are still annoyances for most people. It’s nearly impossible to avoid them. It may surprise you that telemarketers obtain your number from everyday interactions such as ordering pizza, apply for credit, or even donating to a trusted charity. As detailed by the BBB, many organizations collect and silently sell your personal information to telemarketing companies (and anyone else who is willing to pay for it, including shady individuals). While it’s important to review the Privacy Policy of groups to which you provide your information, it’s not always possible and sometimes those policies can be confusing to read and several pages long.

One easy solution to this problem is to claim a second phone number from Dial Butler and use it whenever you’re providing information to an organization that shouldn’t have a need to call you on a recurring basis. Share this second number with whomever you like and when it’s no longer needed, release it with a single click and calls will no longer be sent to you.

1. Claim a second phone number through Dial Butler
Just $5 gets you started. Click here to get started.

Claiming a number with Dial Butler

2. Temporarily send calls placed to your Dial Butler number to your permanent phone number
This allows you to easily prevent unwanted parties from getting ahold of your permanent phone number.

Configuring your second number to forward to your primary number

3. When you no longer need the temporary number, simply release it from the Dial Butler console.
Your existing number is protected and will no longer receive calls placed to your Dial Butler number.


Bonus: you can use this same number for sending and receiving text messages!

Sending a text message with your Dial Butler number

How schools can benefit from Dial Butler’s calling and texting platform

The communication challenges faced by schools are often unique. Mixed with tight budget constraints, finding a feasible solution can be difficult. With Dial Butler’s text messaging and calling platform, schools can communicate immediately and directly with parents for less than it costs to print a sheet of paper. Combined with the 98% open rate for text messages, it makes more sense to send awareness messages via text messages or pre-recorded calls than it does to send handouts, mass-mail, or rely on email. Here are some examples where text messaging or pre-recording calling can be more effective in reaching parents while being cost-effective.

  1. Announce delays and cancellations. Text messages are timely and effective with 98% of messages being read (90% of them read within three minutes). Trigger messages to parents in less than a minute.
  2. Boost extra-curricular and after-school event attendance. Remind parents of school events to boost attendance and participation. This improves fund-raising while building a more engaged student body.
  3. Increase parents/care-giver participation with PTO/PTA polling. Parents appreciate being heard and a voting system is a great way to achieve this. With Dial Butler text message polling (included for free), let parents vote on issues important to them American Idol style!
  4. Send policy reminders.
  5. Create anti-bullying campaigns and control rumors. Get ahead of issues before they get out of hand by creating awareness with parents. Let them know what to look for and what to discuss with their kids at home.
  6. Create controlled image feeds from school events without the risks associated with social media. From Homecoming to last weekend’s Soccer match, stream a moderated media (photos and videos!) feed to keep the halls fresh and exciting. No technical skillset needed when you use Dial Butler’s text message media feed product (included for free).

Standard Benefits of Using Dial Butler

  • Save money by not paying for bundled features in recurring monthly subscription packages. Pay for what you use, not a forced subscription fee each month.
  • Enterprise reliability with an uptime SLA of 99.95%
  • Everything is real-time – as soon as an event occurs, such as sending a message, track the status through to delivery and see the exact cost of that event.
  • Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) handling is managed for each of your numbers. Dial Butler will manage STOP, STOPALL, UNSUBSCRIBE, CANCEL, END, QUIT, START, YES, UNSTOP, HELP, and INFO keywords for you so you don’t have to worry about maintaining lists.

Flexibility Benefits of Using Dial Butler

  • Unlimited keywords with auto-responses, including responses with images.
  • Receive images and video.
  • Choose your own, dedicated number with our advanced keyword number search.
  • Use the same number for phone calls and text messages, inbound and outbound.
  • Claim and release numbers as-needed without any commitment. Our numbers undergo thorough cleansing and idle for a minimum of four months after being released to prove you with a clean and safe number for your use.

Toll-Free Forwarding – How does it work?

Toll-free forwarding enables you to share a toll-free number with the world and forwarding incoming calls to a personal or private number (your cell phone, home phone, or office phone, for example).

Share your Dial Butler toll-free number with your customers instead of managing two separate phone lines (which is costly and cumbersome), sharing your personal number with your customers (resulting in no separation in work and personal life), or not sharing any number (which erodes trust with your customers and can cause a loss of revenue). With your Dial Butler number, choose when and how calls forward to you or your employees.

Your Dial Butler toll-free number will forward all calls from your toll-free number to your desired destination number. Use the Dial Butler Management Console to create the optimal customer experience for your callers through custom greetings, hours of operation configuration, and more.

Now that you know more about how Dial Butler toll-free forwarding works, read our post on the top reasons to get a toll-free number for your business!

Toll-Free Forwarding Demonstration Option Now Live

Unsure exactly how the Dial Butler toll-free forwarding service works? No sweat! We’ve added a really cool feature to allow you to experience it first hand!

From the main page of, select the number you’d like to claim, enter the destination number you’d like to forward to (your cell phone, for example), and select “Get a Demo”.  The destination phone number you entered will immediately ring with a single, automated demonstration call.

If you like the experience, continue on to claim your number. We’ll reserve it for you for 15 minutes after the automated demo call.

Between on-demand demonstrations, no contracts, and no commitments, there’s nothing to lose by subscribing to Dial Butler and claiming your toll-free forwarding number!

The output of a demonstration request | Click to expand

Oh, and by the way, we hate sales calls just as much as you so we promise that number won’t be called again unless you request another demo. Happy demo’ing!


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