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Toll-Free Forwarding – How does it work?

Toll-free forwarding enables you to share a toll-free number with the world and forwarding incoming calls to a personal or private number (your cell phone, home phone, or office phone, for example).

Share your Dial Butler toll-free number with your customers instead of managing two separate phone lines (which is costly and cumbersome), sharing your personal number with your customers (resulting in no separation in work and personal life), or not sharing any number (which erodes trust with your customers and can cause a loss of revenue). With your Dial Butler number, choose when and how calls forward to you or your employees.

Your Dial Butler toll-free number will forward all calls from your toll-free number to your desired destination number. Use the Dial Butler Management Console to create the optimal customer experience for your callers through custom greetings, hours of operation configuration, and more.

Now that you know more about how Dial Butler toll-free forwarding works, read our post on the top reasons to get a toll-free number for your business!

Top Reasons to Claim an 800 Number for Your Business

It’s as much marketing as it is utility. Toll-free numbers are an effective, easy-to-implement tactic for both building your brand while also improving the service your provide to your customers. Here are some of the top reasons it’s a smart move to claim a toll-free forwarding number today:

  1. Expand your customer base. Separate yourself from being a just local business to a business with nationwide scope. For example, if you operate a drone repair service in Colorado, a toll-free number on your website and social media build a stronger image of your business for customers coast-to-coast, not just your local Coloradans.
  2. Enable scale and growth. If your business spans multiple locations or perhaps exists entirely virtually, a toll-free number is a great way to funnel your customers through a single channel and standardize both the customer experience and the business processes behind those experiences. Your number stays with you as you expand.
  3. Flexibility. With Dial Butler toll-free forwarding services, you control when you number rings, what messages are played, what menus are available, and many other aspects of the caller experience. Forward your toll-free number to different numbers at different times or even forward your toll-free number to your cell phone. This gives you the flexibility to deliver the customer experiences your customers desire without breaking your back to deliver them.
  4. Add prestige. Toll-free numbers, while more common, generate a higher level of confidence in consumers. Sharing a toll-free number with your customers may lead to better conversion as it builds a sense of trust with your business.
  5. Last, but not least, there’s no contact, no setup fees, and no commitment when you claim your toll-free number through

Claim Your 800 Toll-Free Number

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