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Feature Launch: MMS Image Feed for Digital Displays

Whether you’re a small business owner, event promoter, or community organizer, your customers are actively snapping pictures of their meals, taking photos to remember their experiences, and sharing these images with their friends. I’m excited to announce the launch of MMS Image Feeds today. This feature allows you to interact with your customers/audience while also promoting your product or event! When your customer send images via text message to your Dial Butler phone number, they’ll automatically be displayed on your MMS Image feed. This customizable image feed can be displayed on computer monitors, televisions, and other digital displays throughout your venue. Simply point your display to the custom Dial Butler address provided in your account and you’re good to go! No additional configuration or setup is needed. The displays with automatically update with fresh photos.

Here’s a feed recording showing how a restaurant owner is using Dial Butler’s MMS Image Feed feature to showcase customer photos on displays in the waiting and bar areas.


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