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Feature Launch: Set an auto reply for all incoming text messages

As a request of customer requests and feedback, today we launched the ability to set a default auto-reply message for all incoming text messages. If an incoming text message doesn’t have a keyword associated with it, you can set a default auto-reply text message. This feature is a great way to provide confirmation of message recipient to the sender. You can also use default auto-reply to set expectations on what happens next for your use case (such as “Look for your photo on our 4pm news broadcast!” or “Thanks for sharing your feedback with us”).

To use this feature, simply navigate to the Manage Account section of Dial Butler, select “Inbound Contact Flows” and then “Text – Inbound” from the left menu, and enable the Default Auto-Reply message. As with standard keyword replies, you can also include an image in your default auto-reply text message.

If you have a feature you’d like to see, let us know by engaging with us on social media or commenting on this blog post!
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