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Feature Launch: Text Message Polls, SMS Polling

Today, Dial Butler launched SMS Polling. SMS Polling, or text message polling, enables customers to create polls, configure response options, and display results without any technical skills! SMS polls are an easy way to interact with your audience through a channel immediately accessible and familiar to them. Radio stations and news outlets can leverage SMS polling to build audience engagement. Business owners and organizational leaders can use SMS polling to gather real-time feedback or create live, interactive events.

Watch as we create an SMS poll and share results in less than 2 minutes!

Creating a Text Message Poll with

Once you’ve created your poll, share the results with your audience directly or display them using your customizable, shareable link. Choose from one of the many different themes available (with custom themes coming in the near future). Here’s a sampling of some of the result themes currently available:

Create your SMS poll today using Dial Butler!

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