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How do I forward calls from my Dial Butler phone number to my existing phone number?

To forward incoming calls from your Dial Butler phone number to your existing phone number:

  1. Log into Manage Account
  2. From the left menu, select “Configurations” and “Destinations” to add the destination to which you want your calls sent.
  3. From the left menu, select “Configurations” and “Messages” to add any messages you want your callers to hear when they call your Dial Butler phone number.
  4. From the left menu, select “Configurations” and “Hours of Operations” to set hours of availability for your phone number.
  5. From the left menu, select “Inbound Contact Flows” and “Voice – Inbound” to assign the configurations above to your phone number.
    1. From this menu, you can choose which experience your phone number provides: standard dialing, voice mailbox, surveys, etc. For standard forwarding, we’ll use the “Standard” flow.
    2. When you claim a number with Dial Butler, we forward incoming calls to existing numbers (your destinations). These destinations can be your existing office line, sales desk, or even your cell phone.
  6. Test and share! Once you’ve saved your configuration template, call your number and verify you’re getting the expected results. If not, tweak your configuration attributes as needed. Keep in mind that you can’t call your destination number from your destination number. For example, if you are forwarding calls to your cell phone number, you won’t be able to call your Dial Butler number from your cell phone number.

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