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Launch Announcement: Inbound Phone Survey Service

Today we have launched a new Phone Survey service which can be used to capture both DTMF (0-9 keypress) and free-form (recording) feedback from your customers. Call ‪858-264-3425‬ for a demonstration of this new service!

Immediate Follow-Up – Using our DTMF survey feature, you can immediately follow-up with customers who have had poor experiences. This is a great way to recover the customer and regain the trust lost through the initial experience.

Real-Time Results – See and act on survey results as soon as the customer finishes their call. Results are both aggregated to tell the overall story and available at the individual level to take action on driving change.

Multiple Types of Feedback – Our survey feature supports both DTMF (0-9 keypress) AND free-form recordings to gather quantitative and qualitative feedback. The free-form recording option allows you to gain additional insights to help inform and drive change to your DTMF-based questions.

A Wide Variety of Uses – Using our inbound survey service, perform market research, survey post-purchase satisfaction, measure customer service quality, gather post-sales follow-up data, and more!

Click here to claim your Dial Butler phone number and give it a try today!

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