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Stop spam phone calls by using a second phone number

Despite attempts at regulation through hefty fines and Do Not Call registries, robocalls and telemarketers are still annoyances for most people. It’s nearly impossible to avoid them. It may surprise you that telemarketers obtain your number from everyday interactions such as ordering pizza, apply for credit, or even donating to a trusted charity. As detailed by the BBB, many organizations collect and silently sell your personal information to telemarketing companies (and anyone else who is willing to pay for it, including shady individuals). While it’s important to review the Privacy Policy of groups to which you provide your information, it’s not always possible and sometimes those policies can be confusing to read and several pages long.

One easy solution to this problem is to claim a second phone number from Dial Butler and use it whenever you’re providing information to an organization that shouldn’t have a need to call you on a recurring basis. Share this second number with whomever you like and when it’s no longer needed, release it with a single click and calls will no longer be sent to you.

1. Claim a second phone number through Dial Butler
Just $5 gets you started. Click here to get started.

Claiming a number with Dial Butler

2. Temporarily send calls placed to your Dial Butler number to your permanent phone number
This allows you to easily prevent unwanted parties from getting ahold of your permanent phone number.

Configuring your second number to forward to your primary number

3. When you no longer need the temporary number, simply release it from the Dial Butler console.
Your existing number is protected and will no longer receive calls placed to your Dial Butler number.


Bonus: you can use this same number for sending and receiving text messages!

Sending a text message with your Dial Butler number

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