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Top Reasons to Claim an 800 Number for Your Business

It’s as much marketing as it is utility. Toll-free numbers are an effective, easy-to-implement tactic for both building your brand while also improving the service your provide to your customers. Here are some of the top reasons it’s a smart move to claim a toll-free forwarding number today:

  1. Expand your customer base. Separate yourself from being a just local business to a business with nationwide scope. For example, if you operate a drone repair service in Colorado, a toll-free number on your website and social media build a stronger image of your business for customers coast-to-coast, not just your local Coloradans.
  2. Enable scale and growth. If your business spans multiple locations or perhaps exists entirely virtually, a toll-free number is a great way to funnel your customers through a single channel and standardize both the customer experience and the business processes behind those experiences. Your number stays with you as you expand.
  3. Flexibility. With Dial Butler toll-free forwarding services, you control when you number rings, what messages are played, what menus are available, and many other aspects of the caller experience. Forward your toll-free number to different numbers at different times or even forward your toll-free number to your cell phone. This gives you the flexibility to deliver the customer experiences your customers desire without breaking your back to deliver them.
  4. Add prestige. Toll-free numbers, while more common, generate a higher level of confidence in consumers. Sharing a toll-free number with your customers may lead to better conversion as it builds a sense of trust with your business.
  5. Last, but not least, there’s no contact, no setup fees, and no commitment when you claim your toll-free number through

Claim Your 800 Toll-Free Number

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